Witness: Casey lied, didn't work at Universal in 2008

Testimony continues on Day 8 of the trial against Casey Anthony.

First witness called to the stand on Thursday was Jeff Hopkins. Casey said Hopkins introduced her to the babysitter she claims kidnapped two-year-old Caylee.

“Did she ever tell you that Zenaida Gonzalez had taken her daughter?”

“No sir,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins said he didn’t have a relationship with a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez and that he never introduced Gonzalez to Casey Anthony.

Lead detective Yuri Melich took the stand again on Thursday morning. Detectives were in a frantic search to find Caylee. Casey Anthony took them to Universal Studios, where she said she worked, to look for a cell phone that stored important numbers. However, assistant manager of loss prevention at Universal Studios Leonard Turtora, who was on the witness stand before Melich, confirmed that she hadn’t worked there since 2006.

“We watched as Ms. Anthony approached the security guard and we could overhear the conversation and in short she said she was an employee but didn’t have her ID,” Melich said. “The guard asked for her name, she gave her name. The guard told her it doesn’t show that you work here.”

Casey then led Melich, Turtora and other detectives around Universal to a building where she claimed she worked.

“We walk into the building, she turns left, starts walking down this hallway,” Melich said. “About halfway down the hallway she stops, turns, looks at us and says ‘I don’t work here.’”

With Casey's trail of lies now apparent, detectives took her into an empty room and questioned her. The jury listened to the hour long interview.

“What you’re doing right now is you’re treating us like were stupid,” detectives said during the recorded interview. “None of us are sitting here believe what you’re saying because everything coming out of your mouth is a lie.”

During the interview, Casey never backed off her claim that the nanny took her daughter.

During cross-examination, the defense tried to show how detectives were manipulating Casey. They already knew she didn’t work at Universal Studios, but they allowed her to take them around the park as if she did.

“You, the detectives, everybody there knew that she didn’t work there but went along with the charade and let her pretend,” defense attorney Cheney Mason said while questioning Turtora.

After the lunch break, the state plans to show four to five hours of video visits at the Orange County jail. Video of Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, was shown first. During this video, Casey tells Lee all she cares about is Caylee.

"All I want is to see her again, to hear her laugh, to see her smile and to just be with our family," Casey said. "Nothing else matters to me at this point."

Lee also asked Casey how Jose Baez became her attorney. She said it "happened at random" during booking when an inmate suggested him.

"I know I am his priority. I would like Caylee to be his focus as well but I know that I am his client and his concern is getting me out so I can help Caylee," Casey said about Baez.

Baez moved for a mistrial based on statements that were made in the jailhouse video. Judge Belvin Perry denied the motion, saying it was untimely and he should have filed that motion a long time ago.

The next jailhouse video the jury watched was a visit between Casey and her parents George and Cindy. During this video, Casey sees the "Have you seen me?" Caylee t-shirt for the first time.

"The whole United States is looking for Caylee," Cindy said during the video. "Everybody is looking for her. Are we going to be able to find her, do you think."

"I hope we can mom," Casey said.

During this video, Casey also claims that no one ever asked her for a composite sketch of Zanny the nanny. She was upset with Baez because he didn't get one.

These jailhouse videos may hurt Casey's defense. In the videos, she dismissed the pool drowning theory her defense adopted that explained Caylee's death. She also said her father has been a "great dad." This is the same father the defense says sexually abused Casey for years.

Casey Anthony is charged with first-degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee. If convicted, she could be sentenced to death.





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